The month of November marks a pivotal moment in the year where people from all backgrounds come together to reflect on the sacrifices that were made to make Canada the country it is today. From the beginning of confederation up until the current era, this nation has witnessed the most tragic conflicts in history that have taken the lives of millions of courageous soldiers. These brave warriors, who came from diverse ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, fought together in unity against a common enemy to uphold the rights and freedoms we currently take for granted.

The veterans who still live among us represent a frequent reminder of the accomplishments that they made on the battlefield long ago. As many of them still struggle with mental and social issues, the services available through support lines like Nisa Helpline can go a long way in facilitating access to critical resources. While the trauma of these former military personnel may not ever be fully understood by a third party, our role as compassionate listeners can aid in providing the necessary emotional support to overcome painful experiences.

With proud Canadian roots and a strong sense of gratitude, Nisa Helpline hopes to inspire our supporters to appreciate the blessings we have been given through the heroic acts of past generations. Whether we arrived to this country recently or been here for decades, each one of us has been granted the opportunity to pursue our hopes and ambitions in a land we can call our home. Though most may be gone physically, our former countrymen continue to live on in the hearts of Canadians every year as we come together to don poppies of remembrance and participate in moments of silence.

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