The prophet (saws) said: From the most loved deeds to Allah is to bring happiness to the heart of the believer, and to relieve his grief, or to pay his debt or to satisfy his hunger.

Most women think it’s hard to ask for help. “Do not let symptoms get in your way of taking care of yourself. Find your own strength. Ask for help.” Karen Kleiman.

NISA HELPLINE is now in its third year of operation and answering an average of 600 calls monthly. At NISA HELPLINE we listen and we care!

A free, confidential, anonymous and non-judgmental helpline, NISA HELPLINE provides support, information, peer to peer counselling and referrals for Muslim women. For some callers, this means providing a listening ear. Other women seek help with personal matters and work with the counsellor to create an individualized action plan. In addition, callers are given resources and referrals to services in their locality. In every case, the goal of the counsellor is to empower the caller to make a decision that is best for her.

While the most common issues that the helpline receives are about mental health, self esteem, marital/family problems, domestic abuse and faith related questions, NISA HELPLINE welcomes all types of calls. With the aim to help Muslim women to live happier and more meaningful lives, NISA HELPLINE is a much needed service in our growing community and look forward to your precious support on March 24th and Together We Can Bringing Comfort To Hearts.


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