Darkness To Light Answer!

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Over 10,000 Calls in 3 years!

Nisa helpline has received over 10,000 calls in it’s three years of service and is projected to hit another 9000 calls in the next year alone.

Among the most common issues received from callers are:

Nisa Helpline receives calls from sisters as young as 11 years to 60+ years of age. 

Darkness To Light – Answer! Campaign

The cost to answer one week’s worth of calls is $900. These calls are from those suffering through emotional turmoil that needs our support. Join the Darkness To Light Campaign this Ramadan and pledge to sponsor calls for 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, or more for the upcoming year to help brighten your sisters’ life!

Help Us To Continue Helping Others

By donating you will help us continue and better our service including all the technical aspects of running a helpline,  develop educational programs related to the most common issues and on preventive measures which helps any matter from escalating and growing deeper.

Only together we can bring comfort to hearts! 

How You Can Help?

  1. Sponsor 1 Day, or up to 1 Month’s cost of the Helpline services through launchgood.com/nisacampaign
  2. Spread the word and ask your friends to give.
  3. Make sincere du’as that Allah (SWT) grants all Women peace, ease their hardships and give them guidance and Taqwa to live a fulfilling life.

The Messenger of Allah (SAW) said, “Whoever helps ease someone in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this world and in the Hereafter.” Source: Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim



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