The Fragrant Upper Hand - Calgary

NISA Helpline is pleased to announce its 1st annual Fundraising Dinner in Calgary. Over the last year alone, we have been able to answer over 3000 calls with an average increasing number of 200 calls a month.

Your support is needed to allow us to continue relieving the distress of our sisters across North America who are facing mental health issues, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, abuse, loneliness and also to help better our service.

We look forward to be honoured by your presence.

We look forward to be honoured by your presence.

Guest Speakers

Sh. Alaa Elsayed, Sh. Musleh Khan and Sh. Hacene Chebbani


Friday, June 17th, Registration at 6:30pm

Calgary Marlborough Community Association

636 Marlborough Way NE, Calgary – T2A 2V9


Known as the Mother of Fragrance

Aisha (RA) was generous with her wealth and placed great importance on the act of charity. Together we will explore the concept of giving and how her example emanates the perfume of good will and devotion.

To purchase tickets:

Adults: $30
Children Age 4-10: $10
Children Age 3 and under: Free

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